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Drs Sudha & Nageswara Rao Siddhartha Institute of Dental Sciences


Drs Sudha & Nageswara Rao Siddhartha Institute of Dental Sciences is one of the many colleges started under the aegis of Siddhartha Academy of General and Technical Education. This website comprises information, which you will find useful as you become familiar with Drs Sudha & Nageswara Rao Siddhartha Institute of Dental Sciences, its aims and objectives, facilities, curriculum guidelines, and instructions.

Drs Sudha & Nageswara Rao Siddhartha Institute of Dental Sciences is situated in Gannavaram, a Mandal situated in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India. This is an institution involved in a rich amalgamation of scientific enquiry and comprehensive dental care service. At this institution, we believe in educating the students to develop a good relationship with patients, efficiently manage dental practice, design a good treatment plan and utilize the state-of-the-art materials and techniques. The college has a faculty with expertise, many of whom are recognized authorities in their respective fields. The staff is especially committed to clinical training, working extensively and intensively with students on an one-to-one basis for total patient care. We invite you to explore a career in dentistry, a challenging profession with much to offer. You will discover a field rich in rewards, and personal fulfilment - a profession which is one of the most respected in India and abroad. Discover why Dentistry, the art and science behind every beautiful smile, has become a vital reinforcement towards excellence in general health care and will remain so for years to come. We foster an environment and attitude conducive to the progress of students in order to achieve excellence as an individual and in dentistry.


Drs Sudha & Nageswara Rao Siddhartha Institute of Dental Sciences is committed to improving health through excellence in dental education, educating members of the health professions, engaging in basic and applied research, encouraging technology transfer, and developing public and community health programs. As we are located in a rural area, our commitment includes a special emphasis on underserved and rural populations. Our main objective is to become a highly acclaimed resource for dental education in the state and the largest single provider of oral health care services in the Krishna District area. Drs Sudha & Nageswara Rao Siddhartha Institute of Dental Sciences is dedicated to combining higher education and research with community service.

The Mission of Drs Sudha & Nageswara Rao Siddhartha Institute of Dental Sciences is to improve the oral health of population and shape the future of dentistry by:

  • developing exemplary dental surgeons, educators and researchers
  • caring for the needs of a diverse community
  • serving as a leader in health professions education seeking innovations in science, education and health care delivery
  • providing educational programmes that foster professionalism, critical thinking and life-long learning
  • providing quality care in an environment that is sensitive to the needs of every patient
  • expand the scientific knowledge base underlying the etiology, progression, prevention and treatment of dental and craniofacial disorders
  • increase opportunities for student participation in community-based training programs for clinical care and health education/promotion and disease prevention
  • recruiting, retaining, and developing the highest quality faculty, staff and students in an environment that values life-long collegial relationship
  • providing staff with the resources and support to achieve professional success and/or career satisfaction
  • develop faculty skills in contemporary teaching methodologies, research techniques and newer clinical technologies
  • increase the enrollment of students from disadvantaged backgrounds or underserved areas through enrichment and career development programs
  • upgrade and renovate the clinical environment to provide contemporary patient care, including treatment areas, clinical computing capabilities and instrument management
  • enhance and revitalize the teaching environment to promote small-group learning and patient simulation for preclinical training
  • develop and renew the research environment to facilitate basic and clinical research
  • improve and regualrly update information technology environment to promote the development and use of online educational tools and services
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